Apple Announces It Will Retire The iPod As Apple Users Use Music Apps Instead Of Their Iconic MP3 Player

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has announced that the American tech giant will be discontinuing it's iPod brand of MP3 players.

The iPod debuted in 2001, with the ability to store 1,000 songs.

This was revolutionary because at the time people were still listening to Cassettes and CDs that had to be lugged around with a dedicated player, and audiophiles had to buy all their albums again if they chose to switch from Cassettes to CDs.

But after the original iPod was released and MP3s became mainstream thanks to file sharing websites like Napster, music lovers flocked to the iPod because they didn't have to buy their albums again, all they had to do was install the CD tracks and Cassette audio files onto the computer and download them to the iPod.

Apple had sold over 1 Billion iPods from 2001-2022, but the popularity of the iPod and other MP3 players would dwindle after the rise of smartphones like Apple's own iPhone brand and Samsung's Galaxy series.

YouTube was the first nail in the iPod's coffin, as you could have playlists with tens of thousands of songs on it on a single device without downloading CD tracks or uploading Cassette audio files.

The iTunes app along with Apple Music were the second and third nails in the coffin, as all iTunes and Apple music members had to do in order to access their music library on the go was log in via their Apple account.

And the final nail in the coffin for the iPod was music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and BBC I-Player.

Tim Cook stated that: “The iPod hasn't received an update since 2019, it was a revolutionary machine when Steve Jobs revealed it to the world in 21 years ago.

But now it's outlived it's convenience that the press praised it for all those years ago, so we've decided to pull the plug”.

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