Why Zelensky Will Never Have His No Fly Zone Over Ukraine

For the past several weeks the Russian army has brutally invaded it's neighbor Ukraine.

Throughout these weeks, cities along with military and civilian targets across the country have been subjected to devastating Russian missiles and shells raining from the skies above.

Across various Ukrainian cities which are the homes of millions of people like Lviv, Kiev, Mariupol, and Kharkiv.

The chilling sound of air raid sirens have begun sounding alarms residents have feared for the first time since WW2.

Thousands have been forced to take shelter beneath the surface in packed Metro Stations.

Scenes eerily similar to those of photographs showing Londoners hiding in the Tube Stations during the Nazi Blitz over London and southern England in 1940.

Just like WW2, the battle for control of the skies over Ukraine is ongoing, with neither side so far being capable of achieving aerial supremacy.

Despite this stagnation in progress in the skies over Ukraine, the Ukrainian Air Force is outgunned.

The Russian Air Force has:

11X More fighters

24X More dedicated attack aircraft and bombers

13X as many helicopters.

In a longer air war of attrition with all things else being even, the Russians simply have the numbers to continue sustaining heavy air losses whilst Ukraine doesn't have such luxury.

Once aerial supremacy is achieved by the Russians, it's instant Kremlin victory.

There for, throughout the weeks of this war, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenski and his ministers along with the Ukrainian civilians still trapped in cities like Mariupol have pleaded with the United States and NATO to assist Ukraine in clearing the skies of Russian jet, a no fly zone over the country.

Many governments within NATO allied countries in Europe including Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Poland have with Zelensky called for a no fly zone to be established over Ukraine.

But despite these requests, poll after pole across countries in western Europe have consistently shown a majority of citizens don't want a no fly zone over Ukraine, however the same cannot be said about the American public.

Polls across the Atlantic have consistently shown that a majority of the American people are in favor of establishing a no fly zone.

A poll from March 4th showed that 74% of the American public wanted a no fly zone over Ukraine.

A second poll from March 11th found that the number decreased to 59% but still holding majority vote.

And a third poll on Biden's view of not allowing a no fly zone found that 1/3 Americans disagreed with his stance on not granting Zelensky's request of a no fly zone.

Despite all this public pressure in America and in NATO countries abroad, and also pressures from other NATO countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Biden and NATO have thus far continuously resisted Zelensky's no fly zone requests.

They are unfortunately correct in holding that mentality, here's the reasons why.

Despite the fact a majority of Americans are in favor of the US and/or NATO establishing a no fly zone over Ukraine, a lot of Americans don't really understand what a no fly zone (Especially over Ukraine) means.

It means setting up a zone over a country and then demanding that no flights take place in that assigned area.

The most dangerous question about setting up a no fly zone over Ukraine is: What happens after this declaration?

If Russian jets ignore the demands and violate the no fly zone over Ukraine, it means that American and/or NATO pilots would have to engage them.

This will result in aerial battles that will kill Americans and Russians.

Which would start WW3 according to Biden and Putin.

In the past 30 years only 4 NATO no fly zones were declared:

2 in Iraq, one during the Gulf War and a second during the 2003 invasion to stop Saddam Hussein.

1 in the Republic of Srpska (Modern day Bosnia & Herzegovina) during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

1 in Libya during the Arab Spring of 2011.

In all 4 cases the US and NATO utilized their more powerful air force and military capabilities to enforce their will in the skies and prevented the targeted power to counteract with any effective resistance.

The no fly zone over Ukraine would pan out much differently, because Russia possess far more capabilities to retaliate than Iraq, Srpska, or Libya.

Despite Russia's recent struggles and failures during the war, the Russians still command the second most powerful army on the planet behind America.

Along with having the second largest number of ballistic missile submarines in active service, and Russia is 1/3 countries who operate strategic bombers.

But the greatest asset Russia has is the largest number of active nuclear weapons in the world, with over 6,000 ready to turn Earth into Venus.

For the sake of comparison, the United States has only 4,000 active nuclear warheads.

But what's important is that Russia uses two types of nuclear devices, Strategic and Tactical nukes.

Strategic nukes are the types used in ICBMs that are stored in silos or on the backs of dedicated trucks, they are capable of leveling entire metropolises with a single warhead.

Tactical nukes on the other hand are smaller nuclear devices used often to clear objectives and have use precision rather than a radius for explosive effect, they can be used by missile trucks, rocket launchers held by soldiers, or planes to clear a battlefield.

Half of Russia's 6,000 are ICBMs and the other half are tactical warheads.

This doomsday arsenal must be taken into account if the US and/or NATO wishes to establish a no fly zone, because it would cause nuclear war.

Also this no fly zone would involve destroying Russian airfields and SAM sites located in Belarusian and Russian lands, defeating the purpose of having the no fly zone over Ukraine.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated that any direct American and NATO involvement in Ukraine will result in WW3 and nuclear war.

When one considers that NATO overpowers Russia in every military respect except for nuclear weapons, it's not inconceivable to believe that when Russia gets backed into a corner by America and NATO then he would use some of his tactical nukes in Ukraine as a last warning to the west.

It is impossible to speculate what goes on from there.

It's not just the threat of global thermonuclear war that makes a Ukrainian no fly zone untenable, but it's effectiveness.

Many of the missile and airstrikes and shelling in Ukraine have come from missile bases, planes, and ships in Russian borders.

Only a handful of cases of Russian airstrikes and missile attacks in Ukraine has come from jets and trucks that cross the border.

The no fly zone will have zero effect on these targets outside of Ukraine's airspace.

With all this taken into account, a no fly zone over Ukraine will have to extend to Belarus and Russia making a no fly zone exclusively over Ukraine impossible, and if attempted could result in the destruction of mankind.

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