Vladimir Putin Being Compared To Charles Taylor Of Liberia

American lawyer David Crane has compared the charges against Putin for war crimes to that of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.

Crane who was on the team that found Taylor guilty of war crimes that claimed the lives of over 70,000 people in West Africa during his reign over Liberia and war in Sierra Leone, has seen similar events take place in Bucha and Kramatorsk that make him unable to dissociate the two dictators from each other.

Crane stated: “Vladimir Putin is done, practically, politically, and legally.

It's just a matter of time before he either gets captured, surrenders, or off's himself like Hitler in the Fuhrer-Bunker.

He's going to be indited and Putin will be designated a wanted war criminal, which neuters Putin of any legal, political, and diplomatic protection”.

In thousands of reports across Ukraine it is unknown exactly how many war crimes Russia's committed, but it's safe to assume that Putin and other Kremlin staff with all be designated war criminals in the wake of Bucha and Kramatorsk.

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