USA Revealed To Have Been Passing Ukraine Details On Russian Generals Aiding In Their Assassinations

A leak of American documents concerning the war in Ukraine has revealed that the US directly contributed to Ukrainian efforts to assassinate Russian generals and high ranking officers in Ukraine.

Details of Russian troop movements, the whereabouts of their generals, where their officers were staying, and other pieces of Intel were handed over from US president Joe Biden's CIA to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky's FISU.

It is confirmed that 12 top Russian generals were killed by Ukrainian forces as a direct result of the passed along American Intel.

The CIA, FISU, Zelensky, and Biden all deny the leaks are legitimate.

Likely to cool down Russia, who were furious when the documents leaked yesterday evening.

Russian president Vladimir Putin stated: “Aiding our enemy with guns and helmets is one thing, but aiding in the murders of our country's best generals.

That takes nerve”.

It is unknown at this time the full Russian response to the news that the USA directly aided in his general's deaths. 

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