US President Joe Biden Warns That A Russia Invasion Of Ukraine Is "Still Very Much A Possibility"

During a speech updating on the Russia-Ukraine situation, Joe Biden warned that an invasion from Russia is "very much a possibility," but that a diplomatic resolution was still possible.

Today, Biden warned that despite reports from Russia that some of its troops were returning to home bases, analysis from the US has not verified that and that Russian troops remain in a threatening position.

"An invasion remains distinctly possible," said Biden, again announcing that Americans in Ukraine should leave now "before it is too late to leave safely."

Biden also confirmed that the US has engaged in "non-stop diplomacy" to prevent a Russian invasion, saying "We should give diplomacy every chance to succeed."

Biden also, again, noted that NATO allies are united in opposition to an invasion and prepared to respond with consequences.

"The West is united and galvanised," said Biden, noting that Russia invading Ukraine would be a "self-inflicting wound."

"If Russia proceeds, we will rally the world to oppose its aggression," said Biden, confirming that export controls and other actions not pursued during the 2014 Russia-Crimea invasion will take place if Ukraine is invaded.

Biden also confirmed again that Nord Stream 2 will not happen if Russia invades Ukraine.

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