UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Set Out A 'Plan Of Action' To Ensure That Russia Fails In Ukraine

Boris Johnson has issued a six-point plan in reaction to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and is urging other leaders to endorse it in efforts to ensure Russia fails in its apparent attempt to take over its democratic neighbour.

The British prime minister's proposal does not involve western allies engaging in military action with Russia. It was released by Downing Street today.

Johnson is meeting with leaders from Canada and a variety of European countries in London in a series of talks beginning on Monday and he reiterated a point made in the House of Commons last month that Russia must "be seen to fail" in its mission of aggression towards Ukraine.

His new six-point response includes the objective of inflicting maximum economic pain on Moscow.

"It is not enough to express our support for the rules-based international order, we must defend it against a sustained attempt to rewrite the rules by military force," Johnson said in a statement.

The plan includes an international humanitarian coalition to help Ukraine's civilians, support for the country's self-defence capabilities and greater economic pressure being brought to bear on Vladimir Putin, Russia's president.

Johnson will seek to rally the international community to make a "renewed and concerted effort" to end Moscow's devastating war, and launch a six-point plan of action that he will detail tomorrow (Sunday), the Agence France-Presse reported.

"In the days since Russia invaded Ukraine we have seen an unprecedented wave of international condemnation from across the globe," Downing Street said.

"Nations across the globe have imposed the largest ever package of sanctions against a major economy."

"Putin must fail and must be seen to fail in this act of aggression," Johnson is to say.

Johnson also called for diplomatic paths for de-escalation with the full involvement of Ukraine's government, stronger security in the European-Atlantic area, and an end to the "creeping normalisation" of Russian activities in Ukraine.

After meeting the prime ministers of Canada and the Netherlands on Monday, Johnson is due to host leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, countries experiencing an influx of refugees caused by the invasion on Tuesday.

Britain is planning to move more quickly to sanction Russian businessmen through new legal measures which will be sent to parliament on Monday.

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