UK Met Police Have Issued 30 More Partygate Fines

The Metropolitan Police have announced that 30 more fines have been issued to those who committed lock-down violations during Partygate.

The Met continue to keep those fined anonymous, as the fallout would cause political upheaval in West Minister.

A Downing Street spokesman stated that “If Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, and/or Simon Case had received a fine, we'd let the public know”.

The Met are investigating 12 parties that could've breached the lock-down rules set at the time by Boris Johnson, 3 of which Boris was confirmed to be in attendance for.

The Partygate investigation, fines, and Boris's recent appearance before a committee grilling the prime minister.

Has led to Tory, Labour, and Lib-Dem MPs to all call for him to jump before begin pushed.

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