The UK Metropolitan Police Announce A New Software Aimed At Helping To Identify And Prosecute Corrupt Cops

Met Police plan to use special software to mark corrupt cops in the force following the murder of Sarah Everard.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard stated that: “This technology can be used to flag any officers engaging in corrupt activities on work phones and computers.

We aim to weed out corruption and possibly even bigotry in the Met and other police departments across the UK via this new technology.

We understand that some officers may now find that speaking their minds can end up flagged before likely loosing their jobs, that they would be outraged by this.

But these are signs of the times, that we must heed to maintain a respectable police force”.

The Met has been hit with dozens of accusations of racism, sexism, corruption, and other acts of bigotry in recent months, even after Dame Cressida Dick (The first openly lesbian officer joining in 1983) resigned from the position of Head of the Met following a clash with London's mayor Sadiq Khan.

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