The Simpsons Attacked On Social Media For Spoofing Joe Rogan

The long running American animated sitcom The Simpsons received backlash on social media following a segment in the new episode “You wont believe what this episode is about, act three will shock you”.

The Simpsons have been on the air since 1987 as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show before getting it's own TV show with Fox in 1989, during the 32 years the show has been on the air they've had 33 seasons, 720 episodes, a movie, video games, and an attraction at the Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood California.

They've during those years also featured or parodied celebrities and world leaders like Tony Blair, Lady Gaga, Justin Trudeau, Michael Jackson, and many more.

The 14th episode of season 33 covers Cancel Culture: The act of boycotting a TV show, movie, company, country, statue, monument, landmark, or even a person due to an act of perceived injustice they committed (real or otherwise) that could've happened recently or in the past and often in the modern view of right and wrong.

The segment in question that people are cancelling The Simpsons for is when Homer gets cancelled after he leaves the family dog Santa's Little Helper inside a hot car, resulting him being publicly shamed.

To apologize for the incident, Homer summons people to the town church to make a public apology only to accidentally punch Reverend Lovejoy out the window.

The video of this is spread on social media and Homer looses his job at the nuclear power plant, and to become a pariah among his friends, family, and new co-workers.

During all this Homer is contacted by Joe Rogan to do an interview following his cancellation, going to a building called “Right Wing Podcast House” and below it a sign saying “Pariahs Welcome”.

For those unaware: Joe Rogan is an American podcast host and announcer who's known for his right leaning views and having guests that are conservative or people who have been “cancelled”. His Spotify deal led music star Neil Young to remove his music off the app in protest.

He's also courted controversy for sharing fake news, though has apologized in the past for it saying “The information was correct at the time of recording” or “It was speculation and I turned out to be wrong”.

The episode was shortly after removed from YouTube and a panel of 270 medical experts penned a letter of protest to Spotify create a “Fact checking policy that would mitigate the spread of information”.

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