The Prince's Speech: How Parliament And The Public Reacted To The Prince Of Wales Delivering The Queen's Speech

The Prince of Wales opened Parliament yesterday after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was deemed too ill to deliver the Queen's Speech.

He was joined by his son Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and his second wife and future Queen Consort, Camilla Parker Bowles the Duchess of Cornwall.

The last time Queen Elizabeth II wasn't able to attend the opening of Parliament was in 1963, when she was pregnant with the future Prince Edward.

The Queen's speech that year was given by Sir Reginald Manningham Buller: 1st Viscount of Dilhorne, who was Lord Chancellor at the time.

But now 59 years later, the 73 year old Prince Charles had to deliver his first ever opening of Parliament in his 96 year old mother's stead.

But if that didn't tick off members of Parliament and/or the British public, then the speech itself would.

The speech was criticized for being too short, a minuscule 874-words were in the 2022 speech that took 8 minutes and 45 seconds to read out for Parliament.

This was the shortest speech since the Queen's 2013 opening of Parliament, but at least she attended that one.

Many also took offence to the speech also being very empty and dotted with filler content, accused by all of ignoring the ongoing cost of living crisis and mass poverty of John and Jane citizen.

The Royal Family has not commented on the poor reception of the Queen's Speech, spoken by the controversial Prince of Wales.

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