The Prince's Speech: Charles Takes His Ill Mother's Place For The Queen's Speech

The Prince of Wales has announced that he will be delivering the Queen's Speech as his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, continues to suffer from ill health.

Many speculate that this isn't coincidental, Prince Charles is next in line for the throne and has been seen at public gatherings and diplomatic events in her place as if he'd already been crowned King.

The 96 year old Queen since 2021 has struggled with both her physical and mental health, following Prince Harry and Princess Megan's self imposed exile to America, the death of her husband Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, catching Covid, breathing difficulties, and her struggling to move without a cane or wheel chair.

Causing the public to suspect that the Queen may pass away soon or that she'd abdicate, putting the 73 year old Prince Charles in charge and making him King.

The last reigning British Monarch to abdicate was King Edward VIII: Emperor of India, following his scandalous 1936 affair with American divorcée Wallis Simpson.

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