The Met Have Announced That 20 Fines Have Been Issued Over "Partygate"

The Metropolitan Police have announced the first 20 individual fines for those who attended parties in Downing Street and Whitehall, which Boris Johnson was alleged to have attended.

The Prime Minister was said to have attended six of the twelve lock down rule breaking parties between May of 2020 and April last year, being investigated by the Met.

Scotland Yard made a statement mentioned that the “Partygate” cases were being handed over to the ACRO Criminal Records Office, which will issue fixed penalty notices (FPN) starting at £100 for the first offence.

20 FPNs have been carried out with more certain to follow, the Met haven't revealed the names of those fined.

Deputy leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner, stated that Boris Johnson has to resign if he is implicated in the Partygate investigation.

She said “If the Prime Minister is fined because he has broken his own rules, then I think his position is untenable”.  

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