The Far Right In France Have Projected Majority In The Polls

In the coming week it will be the first round of the 2022 French presidential election, and though the incumbent Emmanuel Macron still has favor he has a new challenger this time around: The French Right.

The French elections for 2022 have been a game of tug war between right leaning candidates and the far right.

Issues of French national identity, the war in Ukraine, immigration, Islamophobia, the EU, and energy have dogged the elections for years.

The leading member of the far right in France is National Rally head Marine Le Pen, according to the polls it's going to be her second consecutive time appearing the the final round of the election in France.

Le Pen and National Rally for years have been softening the ground for the revival of the French right, this rise has taken place adjacent to a cultural war fought by the conservatives and far right.

Taking inspiration from America's Reganism and Trumpism and the UK's Thatcherism, the French right have been in recent years wielded the idea of denouncing the “Leftist woke agenda” by playing their own game.

Establishing right leaning schools and countering the left with examples of their political failures, including the 1871 Paris Commune Uprising and the appeasement towards Nazi Germany whilst led by the socialist Leon Blum.

The political right in Paris dates back to Napoleon, and along with Imperialism across the French Empire spreading their views to French Indochina and French Guiana.

But the most well known incarnation of the far right in France is the fascist state of Vichy France, led by Philippe Petain, after France surrendered to the Nazis in 1940.

The anti-woke movement across the globe has grown since 2012, and in France it's become so powerful that Macron's leftist minister of national education said “France and It's youth must escape this”.

The French right have won the Culture Wars, in great part because the French left haven't countered the right with equivalent rhetoric. 

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