Sir Keir Starmer's Breaking Of Lock-Down Rules Has Yet To Be Punished

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has yet to receive any fins for breaking lock-down protocols after he was spotted having a beer at a crowded pub in Durham on the 30th of April 2021.

Other high ranking Labour officials were spotted in the evidence gathered, including Labour's shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves.

Despite being cleared by the Durham Police, Tory MPs want the events to be re-investigated.

Prime minister Boris Johnson and the entire Conservative Party from outside and within were hounded by the opposition, public, and press for the Partygate Scandal and later the prime minister's fine.

But Conservative MPs now have the ability to retort against Starmer and Labour as a hole, calling them all “Hypocrites”.

Many on social media have taken to calling the Labour leader “Sir Beer Starmer”, now angry at him for breaking lock-down rules.

When the Labour leader was caught having a pint, England was in it's “Step 2” of lock-down restrictions.

During which socializing with others outside your bubble was against the law, unless it was for work, socializing with colleagues in the manner Starmer did wasn't allowed.

And pubs weren't allowed to be open unless they had outside seating, and they could only host 6 people in a single bubble or two bubbles of 3.

It's also important to mention that these were the same lock-down rules Boris Johnson was fined for breaking in June 2020, leading many to call for Starmer to be fined on those grounds too.

The questions raised by all this is:

Was Labour's pub lunch a violation of lock-down rules?

Did Sir Keir Starmer lie to parliament regarding Labour “Not breaking lock-down rules” if Durham's verdict is overturned?

Was the pub lunch in Starmer's words: “Reasonably necessary for work”?

All hopefully will be answered soon. 

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