Sinn Féin's Surprise Win In Northern Ireland's Elections Leaves Many Fearing A Second Troubles

The Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein has taken the majority of seats in Stormont resulting in them being the first Irish nationalist party in 100 years to win a majority in Northern Ireland, catching Unionists by surprise.

Though Catholics, Republicans, and the Irish are celebrating, the Unionists, Protestants, and Loyalists are not taking this laying down and the DUP have announced that it will not form a shared government until the Irish Sea Border established via the Northern Ireland Protocol is removed and that calls for re-unification with the Republic of Ireland are ceased.

These spouts have caused many to fear a return to The Troubles that plagued both Ireland and Northern Ireland between 1949 and 1998, where the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Ulster Defense Force (UDF) along with the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) waged a modern day crusade against each-other over long-standing religious conflicts between the Catholics and Protestants but were also instigated by the IRA after Ireland gained full independence from the UK in 1949.

The act most synonymous with The Troubles were car bombings, both sides utilized this tactic to kill innocents and the guilty alike causing Peace Walls to be built between Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods.

In 1998, former prime minister Tony Blair, the Irish government, RUC, UDF, and the IRA signed the Good Friday Agreement putting an end to The Troubles as both nations joined the EU.

Now with the UK out of the EU and with Sinn Fein at the helm, Unionist extremists threaten to turn back the clock to the 70's and 80's if reunification is attempted at best and successful at worst.

Sinn Fein's controversial history has been swiftly pointed out by the Unionists, Protestants, and Loyalists.

Saying that Sinn Fein is the political wing of the IRA, and that any act of negotiation with them is like making a deal with the Devil himself.

However, Irish Reunification may still be avoidable as the DUP and fellow Unionist party the UUP hold a combined 34 seats at Stormont in comparison to Sinn Fein's 27, and the non aligned APNI hold 17 seats.

So only time will tell if a second Troubles does ignite over this historic election result.

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