Shortwave Radio Is Seeing A Comeback After The Official BBC Website Was 'Blocked' In Russia

Russia's communications watchdog has restricted access to several foreign news organisations' websites including the BBC and Deutsche Welle for spreading what it described as 'false information', amid friction about reporting on Ukraine.

Russia has repeatedly complained that Western media organisations offer a partial - and often anti-Russian - view of the world while failing to hold their own leaders to account for devastating foreign wars such as Iraq and corruption, Reuters reported.

The watchdog said on Friday it had blocked the BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Deutsche Welle and other media outlets, Interfax news agency reported.

However, the BBC said it would not be deterred. "Access to accurate, independent information is a fundamental human right which should not be denied to the people of Russia, millions of whom rely on BBC News every week," it said.

"We will continue our efforts to make BBC News available in Russia, and across the rest of the world."

Some users in Russia could not access the BBC's website on Friday According to report.

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