Russia's Military Have Announced That Several Troops Are Leaving Crimea After Completing Exercises

The Russian military has announced the return of units of the Southern Military District from exercises in Crimea.

Ukraine’s Interfax news agency reports the Russian defence ministry released a statement on Wednesday, saying troops had already crossed the Crimean bridge.

"Units of the Southern Military District (AFD), which have completed participation in tactical exercises at the Crimean peninsula, are marching to permanent locations by rail."

"Military echelons will deliver military equipment and servicemen to the permanent deployment points of military units."

Defense ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov added:

"Units of the Southern and Western military districts, which have completed the task, have already started loading on rail and road transport and will start moving to their military garrisons today. Some units will march on their own as part of military columns."

"A number of combat training measures, including exercises, have been carried out in accordance with the plan. As the combat training measures are completed, troops will, as always, march in a combined manner to permanent deployment points."

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