Russia Plays Nuclear War Games In Kaliningrad/Prussia

Russian nuclear war games are taking place in their Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad Oblast, which the Russians gained after defeating the Prussian Free State in WW2.

The war games stated by Vladimir Putin himself concern: “The damage caused by NATO atomic weapons hitting Russia and the ability for us to retaliate in time and cause equal damage to NATO countries like the United Kingdom and United States”.

Putin's war games come as US Intelligence leaks revealed that that America supplied Ukraine's FISU gathered Intel of Russian generals in Ukraine, 12 Russian generals died due to their locations were compromised by the Intel sharing.

Not to mention his previous threats of causing WW3, that being atomic warfare, if the west strays too close to Ukraine.

Many at first thought the Russian president was bluffing, but now many are seriously considering Putin's resolve.

US president Joe Biden has stated that: “This is the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis that the threat of global thermonuclear war has loomed over everyone's minds”.

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