"Removing Boris Johnson Will Lead To Unrest" Says Tory MPs

Tory MPs have claimed that removing Boris Johnson due to Partygate would lead to instability and uncertainty in the country.

The prime minister has come under attack from outside and from within his party following the news that he'd been finned for breaching the very lock-down restrictions he made law in 2020, following the first outbreaks of Covid in England.

Minor and Senior Tory MPs have joined Labour's Sir Keir Starmer in calling for Mr Johnson to resign, otherwise a no confidence vote from within could occur.

The previous week saw the PM finned for hosting a birthday party for himself in Number 10, which violated Covid rules at the time, leaving many who couldn't be with friends, family, or loved ones on their birthday(s) to blast Boris Johnson for continuing the recent trend of “Rules for thee but not for me”.

This is the first time in British history a serving Prime Minister has broken the law and been fined whilst still serving in high office.

With Labour deeming his apology last Tuesday a “Joke”, any future apologies from Number 10 will be falling on deaf ears.

MPs in all camps have also claimed Boris mislead parliament regarding the parties, knowingly misleading MPs is considered a resigning offence for a Prime Minister according to the Ministerial Code.

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