Putin Warns Of Further Nuclear Escalation If Finland And Sweden Join NATO

Swedish prime minister Magdalena Andersson and Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin met in Stockholm to discuss their nations joining NATO.

The two neutral nations have seen what can happen if your a neutral country close to Russia, when Putin invaded Ukraine.

Russia has threatened that: "The Baltic Region would no longer be nuke-free if Sweden and Finland joined NATO”.

Such an alliance would give NATO a new 1,303km (810 Mile) border with Russia in the north.

Lithuania's defense minister, Arvydas Anusauskas, said that Russia has got nukes in their Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad Oblast (Formally the axis power of Prussia before being gobbled up by the Soviets after WW2).

“Russia's had nukes there since the Cold War” said Anusauskas.

The Russian enclave in north eastern Europe is just 482km (300 Miles) from Berlin and 1,789km (1,111 Miles) from London.

Finland after gaining independence from the Russian Empire in 1917 was one of the axis powers who fought in WW2 against the Soviet Union.

Sweden has not been at war for 200 years.

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