Putin Says "Sanctions Are A Price For Our Freedom"

Vladimir Putin and other Kremlin officials have responded the same way to all the new sanctions brought on Russia as a result of invading Ukraine, telling the Russian people “The sanctions by the west are the heavy prices we pay for being free of their influences”.

The Russian president believes that since the Cold War ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, the west (And the USA in particular) has been waging an economic war to deter the development of the Russian state.

Russia's view is that the war in Ukraine is not a war, they believe the lie that it's a “Special Military Operation”.

Russian state media has been pushing the narrative that Ukraine is trying regain the nuclear weapons handed to Russia in 2001, attempting to create biological weapons, and that Ukrainians want a genocide of the Russian people.

Russians asked about the genocide of Ukrainians in Bucha and Mariupol said that: “It's fake news drummed up by Ukraine, they're killing their own people to make it look like Russia's to blame”.

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