Public Opinion Reveals That Britons Want Queen Elizabeth II As Their Last Monarch

A majority of Britons wish that after Queen Elizabeth II passes away or steps down due to ill health, the UK should become a republic, a public poll has shown.

Calls for the Royal's abdication come after high profile scandals involving Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Princess Meghan, and other British Royals from the past and present.

Many speculate on what a British Republic would look like, would it be the UK without a monarchy or would the union between the 4 devolved nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland/Ulster be shattered?

Calls for total abdication have been growing since the 1970's from all the devolved nations, especially Northern Ireland after Sinn Fein's surprise victory in their elections this year.

But loyalists in Great Britain and the unionists in Ulster argue that the British Royal Family is the glue that holds the UK, British Overseas Territories, and the Commonwealth together.

They claim that if the Royal Family were to be removed, then all hell would break loose as nationalism would sweep the devolved nations as it's already done during the decolonization of the British Empire from 1947-1997.

The new Sinn Fein government in Northern Ireland wants Irish re-unification and the SNP in Scotland have been demanding independence, leaving many worried that the Royal family abdicating would be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Some Anti-Monarchists are willing to compromise by having the Prince of Wales forfeit his claim to the throne and for Prince William the Duke of Cambridge to be crowned King instead, deeming the Duke a more competent and down to earth future King than Prince Charles.

Prince Charles has been slowly crawling back into public popularity after his high profile divorce between him and Diana Spencer the Princess of Wales, his charity being hit by numerous bribery scandals, his disowning of Prince Harry after the Duke of Sussex exiled himself and his wife Princess Meghan to the United States, and the marriage of the Prince of Wales to his long time mistress Camilla Parker Bowles the Duchess of Cornwall left many with a sour taste in their mouths.

But despite all those ailments the Prince of Wales has been applauded for his stance on climate change, denouncing Russia for invading Ukraine, and approving of Netflix's The Crown.

In which the Prince is depicted as a grown up spoiled brat by Josh O'Connor, Prince Charles said that he finds O'Connor's portrayal of his younger self: “Sadly very accurate, but I feel that self reflection is necessary for history not to repeat itself in my endeavors as future King”. 

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