PETA Wants The Royal Guard To Use "Faux Fur" Instead Of Real Bear Fur For Their Hats

PETA and other animal rights activists have called for the Queen to have the Royal Guards to stop using real bear fur for their hats, and to instead either use faux fur or switch the hat entirely.

The Queen's Guard wears bear fur hats as apart of their uniform, that is sourced from bears located in Canada and the US state of Alaska.

Actor Simon Pegg as weighed in, saying “The real fur can be replaced with faux fur to eliminate the barbaric practice, but keeping tradition.

The Ministry of Defense says that it has responded with only gathering bear for the hats during Canada and Alaska's “Bear Culling Season”, meant to lower the bear population in the Canadian tundra and American Siberia to protect the people living that far remotely north.

A petition set up by Simon Pegg and PETA has gathered 55,000 signatures out of a desired 100,000.   

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