Parasitic Worms Drawn Into The Gender Debate After Feminist Groups Deemed The Naming Of Them: "Sexist"

Feminist groups demand that certain types of parasitic worms and organisms have their names changed, after a group of female scientists found some of the names "Sexist", “Distasteful”, and “Misogynistic”.

3,000 new species of parasitic organisms were discovered between 2000 and 2020, in studies led by parasitologist Robert Poulin.

Out of the 596 species named after accomplished scientists, 111 were named after women.

And of 71 scientists honored in the Latin version of the new species's names, only 8 were women.

The feminists site this along with the provocative naming of species like the Hookworm, as proof of sexism, gender bias, and misogyny still being a problem in science.

But many male and female scientists argue that this is just a bunch of woke hogwash, made to sabotage their careers after the female scientists abandoned the studies due to feeling that they were overlooked. 

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