Northern Ireland Braces For Elections

The Irish political party Sinn Fein is slated to win the elections in Northern Ireland over the current Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in May's elections, polls estimated.

Sinn Fein is the political arm of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), an Irish pare-military terrorist organization that killed hundreds if not thousands of Unionists and Protestants in Ulster since total Irish independence was granted in 1949.

After Ireland stopped being a British Dominion, the IRA launched multiple attacks on Northern Ireland and it's people, with Northern Ireland's equivalent the Ulster Defense Force (UDF) doing the same in Ireland as retaliation for the IRA's actions.

6 notable victims of the IRA are Lord Mountbatten of the Royal Family, and MPs Airey Neave, Sir Anthony Berry, Ian Gow, Robert Bradford, and Henry Wilson.

This series of conflicts between the IRA and UDF is called The Troubles which officially ended with the Good Friday Agreement of 1998/99, but every election season it risks rearing it's ugly head again and again.

Sinn Fein has yearned for Irish Unification since The Troubles, but Unionists have vowed never to accept Irish Unification.

Unionists pledge to commit the Protestant equivalent to a Jihad on Ireland and Sinn Fenn if Unification succeeds, meaning that if Sinn Fenn gets elected in May that the Unionists would be holding a dead man's switch over the heads of Northern Ireland and the Republic in the south.

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