Mayor of London Sadiq Khan begins tour in New York

Sadiq Khan has landed in New York to activate a tour-of- duty of the US intended at accelerating London's standard of living.

Over the following four days, the mayor of London will tour to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.

The tour-of- duty include having conference with senior politicians and business leaders at Google and LinkedIn.

Mr Khan said he expected to use the excursion  to "bang the drum for London" tourism following the Covid-19 pandemic and also for tech industries.

"What's really important is that we encourage international tourists back to our city," Mr Khan said.

"We will encourage tourists, we will encourage business, we will encourage investment. We are the greatest city in the world, but we have had a horrible two years."We want them back, we need them back."

On his first day of the tour-of-duty Mr Khan met the billionaire erstwhile  mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who governed the city from 2002 to 2013 and governed inefficacious for the 2020 Democratic designation for US president.

Mr Khan will also meet the city's current mayor Eric Adams to set in motion the start of a £10m tourism related crusade.

Greater London Authority (GLA) statistics show London lost £7.4bn of international tourist spending in 2020 alone.

Tourism supports as many as one in seven jobs in the capital and contributes almost 12% of London's GDP, according to the GLA.

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