Keir Starmer claimed he was filming videos during 'Beergate' - but the clips are nowhere to be seen

Sir Keir Starmer is confronted with additional  questioning over what toil  he and his assistants were accomplishing on the evening they were envisaged drinking beer during when Covid limitation were in active 

The Labour leader has given his broadest description to the latest  on “Beergate”, asserting that his team were working additional hours into the evening in April previous year and only break off to eat a takeout curry before carrying on with work.

But the elucidation resulted in more issues outstanding when he voiced out that one of the jobs had been documenting  “pieces to camera which we pre-record to send out at other times”.

Sir Keir’s Twitter handle, where his office consistently notify these “pieces to camera” apparently  not display of any kind of the short film clips in the weeks continuing April 2021 that could have been rephotographed during the evening.

Sir Keir said that the work also  engaged an online occasion for members, but there are uncertainties  that this would have come to pass after 10pm, which is when he has recommended  the takeout was eaten.

The Labour party rejected to answer when asked to authenticate the clips that were prerecorded in Durham or any other work.

Sir Keir asserted  that questioning over the assembly  tantamount  to “mudslinging” by the Conservatives on the night before the local elections.

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