Just Stop Oil Defends Their Recent Sabotaging Of Two M-25 Petrol Stations Yesterday

40 Members of Just Stop Oil who sabotaged two petrol stations on the M-25 motorway have been arrested.

An even 20-20 split were arrested at the Cobham Services in Surrey and the Clacket Lane Services in Kent, during what the group called an: “Escalation in our tactics to stop polluting petrol from killing us all”.

The activists smashed the LCD displays with hammers, tied the petrol fillers to the pumps with zip ties, and created a human chain at at all entries and exits at both services to prevent people coming in and to pen the ones still there inside.

Just Stop Oil's acts of protest are one of the biggest contributors to the fuel shortages plaguing the Midlands and South East England.

Infuriating Ministers, Pissing off the public, and for lawmakers to institute new protest laws against this kind of tomfoolery.

Despite their mounting negative coverage and public reception, Just Stop Oil announced that their radical acts of protesting “Big Oil” have encouraged others to fight for them and to stop Climate Change. 

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