Jury In The Trial Of Ali Harbi Ali Presented CCTV Footage And A 999 Call Sent As MP Sir David Amess Was Stabbed To Death

The jury in the murder trial of Ali Harbi Ali, the man who assassinated Sir David Amess in October 2021, was shown CCTV footage and listened to the 999 call that alerted authorities.

The MP for Southend West died after being stabbed repeatedly at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, on October 15th 2021.

Ali Harbi Ali denies all charges of murder, terrorism, and preparing acts of terrorism at his trial at the Old Bailey.

The court was told that after killing Amess, Ali threatened to kill four others in the constituency and wanted to be shot by armed police to be seen as a martyr.

The jury heard a 999 call from Yvonne Eaves who with her husband Darren King, was next in line when Amess was murdered.

She told the operator that the attacker had killed Sir David Amess and was threatening to kill them and two of the MP's female staff at the constituency surgery in the church.

In the call she said: "Please, please, quick. Now the man is wielding a knife, he's threatened me... he's killed David Amess at Belfairs Methodist Church".

The Court also mentioned that before Sir David Amess was assassinated, Ali had exchanged emails with the MP's office claiming to be moving to the area.

Tom Little QC, the prosecutor against Ali, told how Ali had fabricated an interest in churches and healthcare to get an appointment with him.

Yesterday, Mr Little presented a timeline of events leading from Ali requesting an appointment, leading to the murder of Sir David Amess.

The jury was shown CCTV footage of Ali's journey from his home in Kentish Town all the way to Leigh-on-Sea, wearing a long khaki jacket with a backpack over his right shoulder, with blue trainers and black jeans.

Around the time of the attack, Ali had sent a message to family and friends entailing what he had done, which is speculated to have been drafted days before the murder the court was told.

In it he said that his attack was "for the sake of Allah", the jury read.

Ali allegedly wrote "I apologize to my family for deceiving them for so long, I would have preferred Hijrah so as to not harm you but I could not. The obligations upon me to take revenge for the blood of Muslims were too great, the shame of abiding in the very lands that carry out these horrendous acts against my brothers and sisters was too much."

The court heard that Ali had spent nearly a quarter of an hour with his sister, only aborting the call when he was arrested by police.

The Trial is still ongoing.

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