Health NGO 'Medicins Sans Frontiers' Has Criticized UK Home Secretary Priti Patel's New Immigration Bill

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) denounced Home Secretary Priti Petal's new Nationality and Borders bill, saying it will make the UK: “The most anti refugee country in the world”.

The Nationality and Borders Bill in it's current form will allow the UK to detain, punish, imprison, and return anyone trying to enter the UK illegally.

MSF launched an appeal to scrap the bill saying: “There is nothing 'Fair' about criminalizing, detaining, pushing back, and imprisoning potential refugees in offshore detention centres simply because of how they got into the UK.

Closing off routes to the UK will only push those refugees in the hands of human smugglers, criminal gangs, and other more dangerous ways to try and enter the UK”.

The UK has historically faced criticism for not allowing refugees into it's borders going back as far as WW2, it's handling of the 2015 Syrian Migrant Crisis being a more recent example.

The war in Ukraine has painfully illustrated how innocent lives everywhere have no choice but to flee conflict, ethnic and/or political persecution.

The bill undermines the UK's obligations under intentional law to give all those under international law a fair trial, and aims to deal punishment based on the country of origin and method of travel.

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