Environmentalists Storm The Navigator Oil Terminal In Essex

A group of activists from the environmental protest group, Just Stop Oil, raided the busiest and largest oil terminal and depot in the region.

The protesters used ladders and sleeping mats to get over the spiked gates, before locking the wheels of trucks destined for starved petrol stations across Essex and major regions of South East England.

Just Stop Oil also hit oil terminals across the South West and the Midlands area, only stopping once their demands are met, the organisation said.

In others areas of the country, 7 activists who blocked a roundabout were arrested, 11 activists were arrested by police trying to raid Radcliffe Power Station (Which uses coal not oil), and 3 were arrested in Birmingham for blocking an intersection.

All of them cried out as they were arrested “We are not going to die quietly, please don't be a bystander, say no to new oil”.

These acts of civil disobedience and trespassing comes as the UK is suffering from a oil and gas crisis after the invasion of Ukraine meant that trading with Russia for oil and gas is now immoral.

Many agree that this won't make Just Stop Oil have good standing with the public after similar incidents with Green Peace activists blocking roads in 2020 and 2021 and the raid by Extinction Rebellion of an oil terminal in the US resulting in the entire Dixie South loosing access to fuel for over a month.

And also because of the extremely bad timing the raids and demonstrations commenced by environmentalists, leading many to have bad views of groups planning to prevent climate change.

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