Dishi Rishi's Green Card Gives Joe Biden A Lot To Answer For

US president Joe Biden and his staff faced questions from British reporters concerning Rishi Sunak's “Green Card”, questioning if if the chancellor was loyal to the US rather than the UK.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by the BBC if Rishi Sunak broke US immigration rules by having a member of a foreign government holding a green card whilst serving in public and high office.

US green card rules state that: “if a man or woman with a green card should abandon their lawful residential status over conduct outside the US or run for office in a foreign country, then they're no longer eligible for a green card”.

Rishi Sunak didn't surrender his green card until October 2021, 7 years after he first ran for Parliament in 2014.

Psaki stated “If your concerned about that, then may I suggest getting in contact with Homeland Security”.

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