British Virgin Islands Premier Arrested By The DEA

The premier of the British Overseas Territory (BOT or Crown Colony) the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Andrew Fahie, has been arrested by the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on drug trafficking charges.

The BVI premier was caught in a sting operation buying drugs from what he thought were cartel drug smugglers, but were actually DEA agents in disguise.

So far 3 people were arrested that day: Andrew Fahie, a BVI Port Official named Oleanvine Maynard, and Kadeem Maynard (Oleanvine's son).

They were all arrested whilst in South Florida, on charges of drug dealing, laundering money, and aiding criminals.

The premier had tried to purchase 5kg (11lb) of pure cocaine with intent to sell.

Since 2021, Fahie has been dodging allegations of corruption, misgoverning the BVI, and laundering money.

Now that he is behind bars, a more appropriate premier for the BVI can be found.  

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