Boris Johnson Says "The UK Will Back Sweden If Attacked" After Russian Threats Over NATO Membership

British prime minister Boris Johnson met with Swedish prime minister Magdalena Anderson to approve a pledge of military support should Russia keep to their word of attacking the Scandinavian country over it's wishes to join NATO.

Sweden has been a neutral power since 1814, but 208 years of European conflicts have gradually made the neutral state reconsider it's position several times.

In WW2 they supplied raw materials to Nazi Germany, but also gave the UK the shipping routes for the cargo.

And during  the Cold War, Stockholm was a spy hub and the Swedish Arctic was used by both the Americans and the Soviets to hide listening posts, numbers stations, and early warning system relays.

But Russia's invasion of the neutral and non-aligned nation of Ukraine has caused Sweden and other neutral and non-aligned countries like Finland and Switzerland to change their policies on neutrality and setting their alliances in stone.

Boris Johnson says that he was successful in giving a guarantee to Sweden, and plans to visit Finland to discuss a similar military alliance after they too were threatened by Russia after they announced their own plans to join NATO. 

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