Age Of Consent In England And Wales Goes From 16 To 18

The age of legal consent in England and Wales has risen from 16 to 18 by a new law passed in Parliament.

The new law aims to tackle underage marriages and protect minors from shotgun weddings or other forced marriages, religious leaders have protested this new law.

Previously, 16 and 17 year old couples could get married if the parents of both parties consented to it, now parents of both parties who approve of their children getting married before they're both are 18 can face 7 years in prison.

The government has announced that new PSA's will be made, aired, and otherwise distributed to educate those not in the know about the new laws.

Impotently there is a grandfather clause in the law, meaning previous marriages of couples who were 16 and 17 at the time will not have their marriage licenses revoked.

This now makes Northern Ireland the only devolved nation in the United Kingdom where the age of consent is 16, religious divides between the Catholics and Protestants have buckled any proposals to change the marriage laws in Ulster.  

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