A Man in Camberwell Has Been Arrested By The Met Police After Crashing Into Boris Johnson's Private Home

A man has been booked by the Metropolitan Police after crashing his black Vauxhall Astra into the private home of prime minister Boris Johnson.

The house in Camberwell, South London, had been owned by the prime minister for 3 years and was under renovations when the driver crashed into it, taking out the front wall and hedge.

No damage to the house itself has been reported.

The prime minister was upset by this news stating: “Why on earth would someone drive into my house?”

Prime ministers can own private homes whilst they reside in Number 10, former prime minister Margaret Thatcher would often return to her private home to take care of her son Mark and daughter Carol when her husband Denis was busy.

The driver who suffered a few injuries in the crash was taken to the hospital, and is being watched over by Met officers.

The Met Police have stated that: “It is unclear if the crash was a genuine accident, the result of the driver being intoxicated, or an attempt to harm or even kill the Prime Minister”. 

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