TV Star And Child Beauty Pageant Contestant Kailia Posey Has Committed Suicide Aged 16

Child beauty pageant and TV star Kailia Posey has died at the age of 16 after committing suicide.

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office in the US State of Washington told People Magazine that she'd committed suicide and an investigation into the events leading up to the teenager taking her own life are ongoing.

Posey gained notoriety after appearing on the American TV show Toddlers & Tiaras, a show from TLC dogged with criticism due to it's coverage of the controversial child beauty pageant scene and for depicting children in a very suggestive manner.

Marcy Gatterman, Posey's mum, sent a Tweet making light of the news and that she requests privacy at this time for herself and the rest of Posey's remaining family. 

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