Tim Westwood Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

64 year old musician Tim Westwood has been hit with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by various women, alleged to have been taken place between 1992-2017.

The DJ was claimed to have his influence in the music industry to get away with groping women without consent.

Westwood made a statement denying all allegations, despite 7 women coming forward.

The 7 black women all claimed that Westood would make comments about “Having the Jungle Fever” before groping their breasts and slapping their butt.

Westwood's misconduct allegations whilst among black women isn't new, in 2020 he denied allegations of forcing a 17 year old back woman to give him oral pleasure.

The most serious allegation against DJ Westwood was the rape of an emerging black female DJ when she was 19, at the time Westwood was 53.

Eminem and Cardi B, two artists who collaborated with the DJ, have cut all ties to DJ Westwood.

Eminem stated that he was: “Absolutely disgusted by Westwood's actions”. 

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