The Man Who Failed To Assassinate Ronald Reagan Has Booked A Concert In New York's Brooklyn Borough

John Hinkley Jr, the man responsible for almost killing Ronald Reagan in 1981, has turned to music and has booked in as showing at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, New York.

The failed assassin got off in 1982 on the insanity plea after failing to kill the 40th commander and chief of the USA, has started to make music on YouTube and Spotify.

Two of his hits are called “We have got that chemistry” and “Dark is the night”.

Hinckley Jr has also apologized to Reagan's surviving family and Jodie Foster, an actress he was wishing to impress by killing Ronald Reagan.

The Market Hotel has been flooded with requests about why it chooses to allow a would be assassin to play music in their venue, and to strike him off the line up.

The Market Hotel has not issued any comments pertaining to why they let Hinckley Jr onto the roster or if they'd scrub him from the hotel's entertainment or not.

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