Spinal Tap's Ric Parnell Has Died Aged 70

Actor and drummer Ric Parnell, has died at the age of 70 following an unknown illness.

Best known for his role in the 1984 comedy/mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap playing the fictitious band's drummer Mick Shrimpton, creepily in the movie there's a running gag about how all the previous Spinal Tap drummers mysteriously dying before Parnell's character dies on stage from spontaneous combustion.

8 years later in 1992, Spinal Tap performed on Saturday Night Live and released an album called Break Like the Wind and toured for real in the 1990's and into the new millennium.

During these shows, Parnell took on the persona of Mick's brother Ric Shrimpton, to keep the illusion that Mick did indeed die in 1984.

This caused many in the 90's to believe that the Spinal Tap mockumentary was real and that the band took an 8 year hiatus following the death of Mick Shrimpton, in 2001 the band debunked this rumor by clarifying it onstage.

Various actors who were involved in the Spinal Tap illusion and former band mates from Journey and White-Snake paid tribute to Parnell on Facebook and Twitter.

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