Pink Floyd Reunite To Make Songs In Support Of Ukraine

For the first time in 28 years, Pink Floyd has reunited to create new music to support Ukraine and to protest the war in Ukraine.

They announced that their new single “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” will be made in honor off the Ukrainian people and all proceeds will be given to the Ukrainian government to help secure arms to fight Russia.

David Gilmour told the BBC: “My daughter in law is Ukrainian, she told us the story about a woman who is part of the conflict giving sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers.

When I asked why she'd do that, my daughter in law told me it was to bloom a beautiful flower after the occupiers were shot dead.

In reference to the Poppies of WW1 and WW2 growing from the dead creating a hauntingly beautiful sight on the battlefields of the two Great Wars.

I feel the lack of commitment to help Ukraine from NATO and the EU is only making the conflict worse”.

The single was released last Friday and so far sits at #8 on the world charts. 

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