Piers Morgan's New Talk TV Slammed By Critics

Piers Morgan is one of several presenters hosting the newly debuted news program, Talk TV.

Being joined by Sharon Osbourne and Tom Dunn, Piers's new show is financed by American media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who previously along with Piers ran News of the World.

Talk TV aims to cover your basic news stories, but the main gimmick is hosting interviews with people who had been tarred and feathered by the Cancel Culture Movement.

One of the first people interviewed on the program was former US president Donald Trump.

The Telegraph called it: “A good show that helps inform people about the other side's view”.

The Independent called it: “A toe curling embarrassment to British journalism”.

The Express called it: “A hit or miss depending on if you're a Tory or not”.

Talk TV takes cues from other conservative news programs like Fox News, GB News, along with the interviews being reminiscent of The Joe Rogan Show.

The first broadcast on Monday raked in nearly 320,000 people, which is ok, but needs a big boost to catch up to the BBC or even his old Good Morning Britain. 

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