New Bond Themed Game Show Slammed By Fans And Critics

Amazon are not quite ready to reveal who will dawn the tux and silenced Walther PPK in the new movie, but their new Bond TV show will be inspired by 007's previous exploits in older films.

Contestants on the show called “007's Road To A Million” would travel the world to real locations depicted in the old Bond films to complete challenges and answer trivia questions in pairs.

The winners would get $1 million (£800,000) each.

Bond producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have announced they're on board, with MGM Television scheduled to film the show later this year.

The reaction among James Bond fans whether they or you liked Sean Connery's Bond, George Lazenby's Bond, Rodger Moore's Bond, Timothy Dalton's Bond, Pierce Brosnan's Bond, or Daniel Craig's Bond was very mixed.

Some showed interest, but others have called it a disgrace to the James Bond brand and name.

One Twitter user quipped: “When you said that 'James Bond Will Return' I didn't think you'd mean in a tiresome reality/game show”.

Whilst critics have called it "Unoriginal" and "Just a terrible idea".

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