Host Of The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson Compares His Previous Spat With Piers Morgan To Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

Jeremy Clarkson published in his Sunday Times column that he understood how Will Smith felt after Chris Rock made a dig about his wife's Alopecia.

The 61 year old former host of Top Gear and The Grand Tour then explained that in March of 2004, he had a run in with Piers Morgan (Who was editor of News of the World at the time) at the British Press Awards.

Morgan made a snarky comment about his now ex wife Frances Cain, which caused the former Top Gear host to start punching Morgan before both were broken apart by security.

The fight resulted in Clarkson breaking one of his fingers.

Morgan now has a scar above his right eye, he was nearly blinded after Jeremy Clarkson punched him 3-5 times in the face, cutting his right eye lid and eyebrow with his ring.

Will Smith thanked Clarkson for his sympathies, to which he Tweeted the Fresh Prince star “If you want to talk about it with me, I'm all ears as I share your anguish”.

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