DJ Tim Westwood Voluntarily Steps Down After Sexual Misconduct Allegations Come To Light

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim “The Big Dawg” Westwood has announced that he is stepping down voluntarily from his current gig at Capital Extra Radio until further notice, following 7 black women accusing the DJ of sexual misconduct and rape, with the allegations allegedly taking place from 1992-2017.

3 have accused him of predatory sexual behavior and rape, along with 4 have accused him of groping them.

Actor and comedian Sasha Baron Cohen who based his Ali-G character off Westwood issued a statement saying: “This man was indeed one of the inspirations for one of my characters called Ali-G, in respect towards the women Tim Westwood allegedly victimized, Ali-G will now be retired until further notice, like Westwood himself”.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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