KC And The Sunshine Band Set To Make A Surprise Comeback After Pledging Royalties To Ukraine

KC and The Sunshine Band, famous for hits such as That's The Way (I Like It) and Give It Up, are making a surprise comeback.

Founded in 1973 starting as a disco group during the and evolving into a new wave band during the 80's and early 90's, KC and The Sunshine Band reached chart topping success in 1975 when That's The Way (I Like It) reached the top of the disco charts and become one of the most recognizable singles of the disco era.

Inclusions in popular movie soundtracks for the 2004 Starsky and Hutch reboot and Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014, the band grew in wealth and popularity.

Now with the invasion of Ukraine galvanizing many musicians to condemn a war on mass for the first time since the Vietnam War, KC and The Sunshine Band have joined other groups like Devo and Pink Floyd in having royalties from their back catalogs be funneled into aiding Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky fight the war in Ukraine.

Thus they were put on the Russia Media Group (RMG) blacklist and can no longer preform in Russia or have their music air on state radio. 

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