Die Hard and Armageddon Star Bruce Willis Announces He's Leaving Hollywood After Aphasia Diagnosis

Hollywood and action movie icon Bruce Willis has confirmed that he is retiring after being diagnosed with Aphasia, a language disorder caused by damage to a specific area of the brain tasked with controlling speech and comprehension.

His daughter, Rumor Willis, announced on her fathers behalf that the Die Hard and Pulp Fiction star has retired from acting after over 40 years of acting on the big screen.

The actor just had his 67th birthday when he was given the news by his doctor.

Bruce Willis is one of Hollywood's most beloved actors amassing $5 Billion (£3.8 Billion) throughout his entire career.

Film maker Kevin Smith and comedian Jeff Ross sent their best wishes to their friend, with Jeff Ross being saddened by the news most as he roasted Bruce Willis on Comedy Central in 2018.

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