Dave Chappelle Attacked By A Trans Activist At His Comedy Show In Los Angeles

American comedian Dave Chappelle was tackled by a heckler whilst performing at the Hollywood Bowl in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Videos that have surfaced of the incident showed what looked to be a man tackling the 48 year old comedian and actor, whilst holding a knife.

The attacker's name is Isaiah Lee, a rapper and transgender activist.

Chapelle has been accused of being transphobic as his most recent material has made jokes about the LGBTQ+ Movement and the Cancel Culture Movement, but Chapelle has denied this stating: “My critics stoop lower by the day, if you criticize jokes that people actually find funny, then you need to grow a pair or find a new career”.

Fellow African American comedian Chris Rock, who was in attendance and had been pimp slapped by actor Will Smith for making similar jokes about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the 2022 Oscars, came on stage asking Chapelle and the audience: “Was that Will Smith?”

Turning the dead audience back into a laugh factory.

Actor and musician Jamie Foxx, who was also in attendance that night, ran on stage after security caught the woman making sure his friend was ok.

Chappelle stated that: “I'm alright, only suffered some bruising and a bit of confusion”. 

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