Actor Sacha Baron Cohen Has Criticized Social Media For Not Banning Russian Propaganda

Actor/Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has struck at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube along with other social media sights for allowing “Russian Propaganda” on their sites.

The Ali G Show star has shared his dismay that RT and Sputnik (Two state run Russian news channels known to lie about the war in Ukraine) are still visible on social media as war crimes are now being levied by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenski, NATO, and the Hague.

On March 10th, Cohen called out social media bosses Mark Zuckerberg (Meta/Facebook/Instagram), Parag Agrawal (Twitter), Sundar Pichai (Alphabet/Google), Susan Wojcick (YouTube), Tim Vanderhook (Myspace), and Shouzi Chew (TikTok) for their lack of action against Russian state media on their platforms.

The actor, who's been a critic of social media for years, said in an rant that “Putin and his army goons has bombed hospitals, massacred children, kidnapped journalists, used civilians as human shields before executing them, and has raped the women and the country of Ukraine.

Why are you still profiting from his propaganda?

Remove them from your platforms now!”

Facebook and Twitter have since deleted SOME stories from RT and Sputnik that “Conflicted with our rules on spreading fake news”.

In another post the star said to employees: “You joined these tech companies to change the world, but now they aid in spreading Putin's lies as his planes bomb pregnant women”.

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