A Female Fan At A Metallica Concert In Brazil Gave Birth During The Bands Performance Of Enter Sandman

A woman gave birth whilst attending a Metallica concert, the band announced.

The fan named Joice Figuerio was 8 months pregnant when she decided to attend the concert at the Couto Pereira Stadium in Brazil.

During the performance of the Black Album hit Enter Sandman, her contractions started and the band stopped the show temporarily as fans assisted in delivering the baby.

Once the baby was born and deemed healthy by on sight medical personnel, the crowd and band cheered the woman and James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich (The Lead Singer and Drummer of Metallica respectively) personally congratulated the woman after the show ended.

It was a boy and named Luan, but Mrs Figuerio did contemplate naming her child James Ulrich after Mr Hetfield and Mr Ulrich visited her.

The band's latest Twitter post detailed the bizarre event, both in English and Portuguese, further congratulating Mrs Figuerio and wishing luck for little Luan.

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